When you are looking for a fun outing or a special ‘date night’ in Tampa Florida, why not spend the evening at the Sugar Factory. If you are out to impress your date, take the stress out of the evening and hire a Premier Limousine, to take you and your friends to the destination and then home again at the end of the night.


You may have seen the Sugar Factory Tampa on Orient Road, and the restaurant, where you will be dining, is open from 11 am until 1 am, near the newly opened casino. The restaurant is worth a look seating 120 and featuring the brand’s signature confectionary, with a floor to ceiling candy wall, and over 500 types of candy. To counteract the sweetness of the candy the café has coffees, hot chocolate, and other drinks.

A party at the Sugar Factory Tampa makes the ideal venue for a 16th Birthday Party, or even younger as the girls especially. go crazy for the candy, and everyone in the family will want to have their birthday there. If you are holding an event, make a booking.


Hold your afternoon Baby Shower at the restaurant where you can have homemade doughnuts and pastries, ice cream, and candy, or maybe even brunch. Don’t forget to take photos and post them as The Sugar Factory Tampa is one of the most Instagrammed restaurants in the USA, and you will want your friends and family to stay in touch with your activities. If you have a sweet tooth this will be your idea of heaven, and once you have spent some time there you will want to return.



The Sugar Factory Tampa is a new, fun experience, with sweet offerings that you have probably never seen before. Most people have such a good time that they want to return and because it is the ideal spot for nearly any celebratory occasion it is extremely popular. The menu changes and is very creative, and if you are having a ‘catch up’ with some girlfriends, you can’t go past the King Kong Sundae with 24 scoops to share.

Children will be drawn to monster burgers and specialty pizzas as well as the wild milkshakes.


You can take children into the restaurant, as they are allowed to walk through the Casino area on a pathway when accompanied by adults.

This is great as The Sugar Factory Tampa is the perfect venue for a meal with the kids, and the restaurant caters for them. The kids will love the crepes and desserts, and will probably want to have their next birthday there. They will be mesmerized by the candy wall, and will probably want you to recreate the idea in their bedroom, a visit certainly opens the mind to other possibilities. There are 500 types of candy, including novelty brands.


We have been familiar with the Hard Rock concept for 40 years so the Sugar Factory Tampa puts a new spin on the old idea. To be surrounded by candy takes us back to childhood and reminds us of carefree times in a different era. if you have been unable to purchase your favorite candy, this may well be the place to find it, check out the candy wall and see if it is there.


After the challenging year, we have all had what could be better than holding your end-of-year corporate gathering at the Sugar Factory Tampa.

The prices are average, with expensive drinks. If you are having 50 people or more at your event, this will offer you a special experience. Fill in the party inquiry form and get a quote, you will be pleasantly surprised. For an upfront price, you will be able to celebrate your success and put the year behind you.


What could be more fun than gathering everyone together for a party at The Sugar Factory Tampa, everyone will be mesmerized by the sight of the candy, and will certainly enjoy the great range of restaurant food and the décor which gives a whole new meaning to ‘eye candy’.